by Jullian Akahori-Nazzaro

harajukuhafu - Jullian Nazzaro.png

Jullian Akahori-Nazzaro is a Shizuoka and Boston-based visual artist who specializes in stylized animal portraits. They have been in the digital art scene since 2009, and enjoy integrating traditional and digital techniques in their work. As a biracial, non-binary artist and interdisciplinary learner, they are inspired by the “in- between” and strive to break down arbitrary binaries. They describe much of the mixed queer experience as a feeling of “improper fit” and hope to address this by creating content that supports the voices of POC, the LGBTQ+ community, and other marginalized identities. They are currently pursuing a BS in Biology (with a focus on Animal Behavior) and a minor in Studio Art. They currently live in the greater Boston area with their partner, Jason, and a longhaired dachshund, Klee.